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sling help

  1. Keymond69

    Avicularia sp. "Peru Purple sling died after 2 days

    Hi guys can any help me understand why my T died after 2 days? Substrate was not to moist , I offered her food but she didnt want it so I took it away , woke up the next day she was like this ? What did I do wrong ?
  2. N

    C. Lividum sling not burrowing

    Is it weird that my C.lividum sling did not seems to wanted to burrow or dig? I have change the substrate from soil to coconut husk n coconut peat but it doesnt seems to wanted to dig but running around n trying to climb up the enclosure. Or isit ready for molt? It takes food last week n reject...
  3. Felixaad17

    A. Hentzi sling not eating

    Hey, y’all! I’ve had my A. Hentzi sling for about two weeks, and he hasn’t eaten the entire time. He’s my first T, so I’m pretty eagle eyed with him. He seems fine otherwise - he’s taken to his premise burrow and comes out at night to explore his enclosure. I leave him small cricket legs to eat...
  4. HTay

    Too young?

    How old do they have to be? I have a GBB sling that’s about 1/2” and a good under belly shot. I attached the photo just in case. I also suck at sexing.