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sexing a tarantula

  1. C

    H.Maculata Male or female?

    Can someone tell me if its male or female? Is it even possible to tell yet?
  2. L

    Ventral sexing Pterinopelma sazimai

    Hey! I'm about to buy this tarantula but I'm unsure of it's sex. The species is Pterinopelma sazimai. Does anybody have an idea?
  3. Reb67

    Is it a Male ??

    Hi, my Chaco Golden Knee Tarantula , "Nova" molted a couple days ago...it's the best Molt I have gotten.. Can someone Please help me, I think it's a Male.. Thank you
  4. angellazn

    P. Metallica juvie

    Hi y’all I was wondering if you can help with the sexing of my P. Metallica. Just had its second molt since I’ve bought them. July 1 and July 27,2023 I know they bite etc… I don’t usually handle them
  5. LeoGeo

    Ventral P Metallica

    I see ventrals don’t get frequent replies, but still waiting for the first molt so I’ll try my luck :)
  6. T

    Can anybody sex my juvenile Mexican pink beauty?

    Would love to put the question to rest and know if I have a male or female klassi. Pelma is about 2 and a half years old, such a beautiful spider Im hoping she is indeed female as I have been told by a more experienced eye. Any ideas?
  7. V

    Green bottle blue

    Hello, My green bottle blue suddenly passed. I have him for about 8 years. I never determined sex and am having a hard time determining .
  8. Mean.uwu

    What sex is this?

    I think this is a female but I'm not 100% if someone with more experience than me could help out I'd be very thankful. I can try to get a clearer picture if needed
  9. strawberrybloom

    Sexing my Avicularia aviculara.

    I can never get a hold of a molt of this fella as they always end up shredding it. But they’re about “2”-“2.5”inches in size. I got a good pic of them up against the glass and was hoping someone on here could help me sex them. Hoping for a female but I don’t know what to look for.
  10. ckbramlett

    Can anyone help sexy my baby? :)

    What do you think the sex is?! - Here’s my roughly 1 year old C. Versicolor! The breeder tells me it’s much easier to sex them based on the molt but I don’t have the recent one! He said if he had to guess he would think female. What do you guys think? - Thank you SO much in advance! This is my...
  11. S

    P. ruduncus sex?

    Hey all, I just for this little juvie p. Reduncus. Went in for an irminia, but something about this little one made me fall in love. Anyway, just for ****s and giggles, anyone wanna take a crack at whether it’s male or female? I’m leaning female, but maybe you all will see something I don’t...
  12. Arlo

    Is this a female G. Pulchra?

    When I purchased Ungoliant, I specifically asked for a female and was told they were 99.8% confident that this was one. Could anyone confirm? She is currently a little more than 2" diagonally.
  13. D

    Avicularia Metallica sexing

    Hello dear tarantula friends, what do you think about the pictures of my Avicularia? It has a body length of approx. 3 cm. Is it a her or a him? Thanks very much!
  14. Arlo

    Is my baby a female?

    Hello, everyone! I went to a reptile expo this morning to look at blue tongue skinks and ended up taking Shelob home with me :) She was an impulse buy (not recommended, obviously), but I have a ton of experience with a million other animals, and I'm very eager to learn everything I can about...
  15. NaturalSkill

    Sexing Xenesthis Sp. Blue Molt

    Well. I finally got a Molt but the thing is, it wasn't in as good of shape as I hoped. I was able to scavenge some pieces and after 30 min of observing the soaked exoskeleton under a magnifying glass, I finally found the part that I'm looking for. I think. Well anyways, here's what I found and...
  16. NaturalSkill

    Sexing a Green Bottle Blue Molt

    Ello chap, the names J Blizzle. I finally got my hands on a pristine Molt of my first Tarantula. This is my first time sexing a Molt. I think it is pretty clear to me that it is female, but being my first time sexing, I'd like to get a second opinion. I have included 2 pictures of the Molt \(°o°)/
  17. henri_the_spider

    Is Henri a he or she?

  18. L

    Stirmi sexing & age

    Hi everyone :) I would be grateful for some of your opinions on the sex of my stirmi and also approximate age. Im quite sure Lydia is a female but being a novice I’m just best guessing based on what others have posted here! I can provide more images if needed. Also if anyone is able to...
  19. please help vent sex

    please help vent sex

    I didnt get a viable moult but this is the best vent shot I have. @Arachnoclown @TarantulaFan1014 @Jess S @KezyGLA @MrKrowe @Avicularia Kael help me out guys?...or anyone else who wants to help sorry if I have not mentioned you.
  20. Crax

    Need confirmation...

    I suck at sexing younger molts. I don't own a microscope anymore and don't want to wait a year for them to get big enough for me to know the gender of my T. I suspect Sing is a girl but wanted extra eyes.