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sexing a tarantula

  1. please help vent sex

    please help vent sex

    I didnt get a viable moult but this is the best vent shot I have. @[27444:@Arachnoclown] @[1090:@TarantulaFan1014] @[29302:@Jess S] @[14343:@KezyGLA] @[28893:@MrKrowe] @[28481:@Avicularia Kael] help me out guys?...or anyone else who wants to help sorry if I have not mentioned you.
  2. Crax

    Need confirmation...

    I suck at sexing younger molts. I don't own a microscope anymore and don't want to wait a year for them to get big enough for me to know the gender of my T. I suspect Sing is a girl but wanted extra eyes.
  3. Z

    Please, I need help sexing my LP

    Someone gave her/him to me about 8 months ago. I’d like to know if male or female.
  4. S

    help me sex my tarantula!

    hi guys!! im having a hard time sexing one of my metallic pink toes, can i get some help?!
  5. Zarshenyu

    Is my T has reach ultimate molting?

    Hello :) My B. Albopilosum just molt 4 hours ago. When i bought him, the seller said that he is a big juvenile, size around 7cm. But i still bought it. I know that male tarantula tend to have shorter life span. After his molt, I measured his old skin. And his DLS is about 11cm (photos...
  6. Mvtt70

    Can anyone sex my M. balfouri?

    It's about a 3" T, if you can tell the gender let me know please.
  7. Mvtt70

    New E. murinus female??

    I just bought a supposed confirmed female E. murinus and I'm just getting this checked out if anyone knows tell me please. These are the photos I took so far I can take more if these aren't good enough just ask.
  8. jacob bott

    Help me sex my B. Smithi

    My B. Smithi is a few years old and a leg span around 3'-4' inches. I bought it unsexed so I was wondering if anyone could help me. I know it might be too young but I don't know if it is. Thanks.