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psalmopoeus irminia

  1. B

    US Local Pickup Los Angeles - MM Poecilotheria Metallica & MM Psalmopoeus Irminia

    Hey All, My Poecilotheria Metallica matured a few days ago and was wondering if anyone in the LA area was interested in either purchase or open to other options (loan, etc.) I also have a P. Irminia that matured back in January and I would honestly throw him in with the P. Metallica if it is...
  2. P irminia sac

    P irminia sac

    Pulled 30 days after finding it.
  3. P irminia pairing still ****

    P irminia pairing still ****

    That moment right before insertion
  4. P irminia pairing still

    P irminia pairing still

    Right before insertion
  5. P irminia pairing 2

    P irminia pairing 2

    Getting closer lol
  6. P irminia pairing

    P irminia pairing

  7. P irminia feeding

    P irminia feeding

    First feeding after molt, suspect male Sorry for red light
  8. P irminia's first roach

    P irminia's first roach

    Her previous owner fed her mealworms and crickets. Here is her first meal in my care. A nice juicy B lat
  9. Look ma, flashy orange

    Look ma, flashy orange

    P irminia looking oh so pretty
  10. P irminia exploring

    P irminia exploring

    Out for a stroll in the moonlight
  11. octanejunkie

    P. irminia sling/juvie

    Went by my LPS yesterday and picked up a 1.5" sling, probably closer to a juvenile. The spider guy there said they have had these for a few months, no one buying them - too fast and they hide too much They have them in 32 oz deli cups with vented lids and sure enough all the slings had made...
  12. Tootsie's new enclosure

    Tootsie's new enclosure

    A nano for a p. irminia's juvenile enclosure.
  13. StickyStein

    US For sale MF GBB and others

    I have a 5inch female Green bottle blue for sale. She is beautiful and healthy but I am getting into a different hobby. Last molt was roughly 6 months ago and is confirmed female. I am asking $200 + overnight S&H. I also have a confirmed female 3.5 inch P Irminia for $80+S&H and a female T...
  14. Psalmopoeus irminia

    Psalmopoeus irminia