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poecilotheria regalis

  1. Mugsy

    Advice on keeping P. Regalis communal

    I just bought 2x p.regalis slings and I need advice on how to care for them and how often do I feed them.
  2. Crax

    How to keep a nice pokie :D

    Anyone else have the most chilled pokie? Izzy is a confirmed male poecilotheria regalis and quite the relaxed little beast. I do add stimuli to his enclosure and have done since he was tiny. Such as a tattoo ink cap to carry around, more moss than usual to carry about, two different hides...
  3. D

    Need some experts to help ventral sexing!

    P. Regalis about 4”
  4. 0.1 P. regalis

    0.1 P. regalis

    P. regalis female I just received today.
  5. Poecilotheriafan24

    Trying to hide from me.

  6. Avicularia Kael

    Poecilotheria regalis questions

    Hi guys! Here are my questions: 1. Would this be a good 2nd old world? 2. How easy is care? 3. Aggressiveness? 4. I have heard P. species are venomous, is this true? If so, how venomous?