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  1. remington

    Feeding a new sling

    Hello all, After months of deliberation, I have finally acquired my first tarantula. It’s a B hamorii that’s about a half inch, I would say. Its abdomen is bigger than I expected it would be, and now I’m squarely conflicted on whether to feed it or wait a week or two. I need some more seasoned...
  2. Found this guy in the car

    Found this guy in the car

    Man I'm finding jumpers in weird places
  3. Found this guy in a pot of food

    Found this guy in a pot of food

    Man I'm finding jumpers in weird places
  4. Birupes "Arcturius" simoroxigorum

    Birupes "Arcturius" simoroxigorum

    My birupes simoroxigorum sling, using FE 90mm F2.8 Macro G OSS lens (compressed file)
  5. Jumping spider

    Jumping spider

    Absolutely. Adorable.
  6. Ajbeardow

    Tarantula Artwork (by species)

    Hi guys, My better half is an illustrator, and I just wanted to test the waters on something on her behalf. I know a lot of T keepers are keen on their species imagery and artwork. She's thinking (with my encouragement) of creating illustrations of single tarantulas across a wide-range of...
  7. N. incei "gold" female

    N. incei "gold" female

  8. Dave Jay

    Photo Editing Software

    I'm currently looking for free photo editors to download, not online editors. Does anyone have any recommendations? I don't need all the bells and whistles, on my pc I use Microsoft Office Photo Editor, but I don't have Office on my netbook so I'm looking for something similar. All I need to do...