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new world

  1. ta122

    Grammostola sp. north

    This little lady was sold to me as a G. rosea, but I'm fairly certain she's a G. sp. north, I'm not disappointed. She's stunning and sweet as can be. Her carapace looks like a champagne gold, light coppery pink or a copper depending on the lighting. I did manage to get 1.2 G. roseas who are...
  2. G pulchra

    G pulchra

    New addition
  3. TheFredricus

    Is my A. chalcodes sick?

    Hi guys, I really need some good advice. About half a year ago, I adopted an Aphonopelma chalcodes (assumably female) that was unfortunately maltreated by her previous owners. I noticed right away that her abdomen was very thin for her size, but she did eat a cricket after moving here. I also...
  4. J

    Transition to Old World T’s - any advice?

    Hi! I am making the leap and getting my first old world t (c sp. hati hati) after keeping new worlds for years. Any tips/tricks for the transition to old worlds?
  5. glitchsixxle

    New T. sp. panama and Xenesthis sp. bright slings

    Just got these super rare beauties, biggest buy ever haha. Can't wait for them to grow ill keep you guys updated! They truly are some of the most impressive new world species
  6. S

    What can I use this for?

    I was gifted a zoo med creature habitat about a year ago and I’m at a loss for what to use it for. Would there be any good new world beginner Ts out there that this enclosure could suit?
  7. 20200528_163021.jpg


    Caribena versicolor
  8. Tootsie Is Out!

    Tootsie Is Out!

    Right after rehousing, they went into a molt. Now they're out and about. My sweet little p. irminia.
  9. Out For a Stroll

    Out For a Stroll

    Can you see why I named my p. reduncus Happy Feet? Happy molted several weeks back and couldn't help but snap a pic of her orange smile.
  10. Too Good

    Too Good

    Everyone, meet Heart Attack or as I call them, HA. Too good for their water dish so I have to drizzle the glass every 3 days.
  11. Sing Looking About.

    Sing Looking About.

    My phormictopus dominican purple sp. I have to say s/he is one of my boldest spoods. They molted yesterday and I hope to update this pic soon.
  12. NukaMedia Exotics

    Phormictopus auratus "Cuban Bronze" Rehouse Video

    Quick video of me rehousing my juvenile female P. auratus into her new enclosure. One of my favorite species, check it out:D
  13. N. incei "gold" female

    N. incei "gold" female

  14. Sycohearted

    My First Tarantula! (B.Hamorii)

    Ahhhh, It feels so surreal making that title, I swear! I just thought I'd make a lil' thread like I do on my rodent forums for my new little buddy! I have been ethically researching Tarantulas since 2016 after remembering randomly one day that I used to watch "some crazy dude" named...