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new enclosure

  1. T

    Pumpkin Patch Molting?

    Hello! I first want to preface this that this is my first tarantula after many years of wanting one. I did some research and found that one of the better beginner tarantulas were the Pumpkin Patch Tarantula. There was a sling available and I was able to purchase one. He/she is about 3/4" in...
  2. B

    Is this enclosure okay?

    Hey guys I made my intro post a few days ago and today I had a day off so I got to work on my tank. I want to get your guys opinion on the tank and if there's anything I should change.
  3. M

    New home has changed my chaco

    I have had my chaco golden knee for over 2years she is a female and has always been a fantastic eater up till aug.... In aug I decided to move her into her new home as she was getting too big for her old home. Since then she hasn't eaten anything and hides away day and night in her new hide. She...
  4. Gurat

    Acting Clumsy

    Hi guys, about 3 weeks or 4 weeks ago i changed my enclosure for my T, bought one EXOTERRA. My T is still acting clumsy, like climbing with the top (mesh) of my enclosure, or sticking to a side, altough she also spends time on the ground as well. She is a chaco golden knee, and she also layed a...