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monocentropus balfouri

  1. Kristian

    New Balfouri communal setup.

    Hi guys, although I've been keeping Ts for years and have a large number I am about to start my first Comunal enclosure. What I'm curious about is...... The enclosure I have selected is 16" x 16" x 13" high. I currently have 3 slings about 3cm in size which I want to house with another 5...
  2. Balfouri pairing

    Balfouri pairing

    Freshly ultimate male and female molted mid-Nov 2021
  3. Theraphosidae prison gang

    Theraphosidae prison gang

    M balfouri communal #2 - the little guys
  4. PXL_20211207_031928710.jpg


    I noticed that there's almost a Swiss cheese pattern of holes in the web. She spun. Monocentropis balfouri❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  5. MajinBuuSama

    Some questions M.balfouri

    Hello guys! I've been missing here for a while, I've had the new enclosure for my tarantula for a while too, is 30x25x25. This Is the Enclosure: https://www.aquariumline.com/catalog/diversa-terrario-vetro-apertura-scorrevole-p-18992.html (I also put a pic) I'm waiting for a person to put she...
  6. Balfouri feeding frenzy

    Balfouri feeding frenzy

    There's a cricket in there. Well, what's left of it.
  7. MajinBuuSama

    M. balfouri Enclosures

    Hey friends! Around the 28th of this month I have a friend That will make to me a custom-made enclosures, and I thought a 30x30x30 for my M.Balfouri, would these dimensions be fine? Then I wish I could have some Advice on setting up, I would very much like a Bio terrarium with Plants.. can it...
  8. M balfouri female"double clutching"

    M balfouri female"double clutching"

    Surrounded by her 1i slings, our balfouri female webbed a mat and is laying her second batch of eggs
  9. M balfouri pairing

    M balfouri pairing

    Just got this female and 10 mins after arriving, my MM is in there doing his thing
  10. M balfouri female and hatchlings

    M balfouri female and hatchlings

    Acquired her having been paired back in May and yesterday I noticed all these 1i and 2i slings in her webbing. Yay!
  11. A

    Need help sexing M Balfouri

    I'm new to this hobby and would like to know if the T I have is male or female, any help would be great.
  12. A

    Sexing M. Balfouri

    I'm an amateur having trouble sexing this M. Balfouri, it destroys all of it's molts. I have one confirmed female not pictured, they are very similar. However she only webs up her little hut not her entire enclosure like this one does. I was wondering if maybe the webbing attached to the short...