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New Balfouri communal setup.


New Member
Northants UK
Hi guys, although I've been keeping Ts for years and have a large number I am about to start my first Comunal enclosure. What I'm curious about is......
The enclosure I have selected is 16" x 16" x 13" high. I currently have 3 slings about 3cm in size which I want to house with another 5, approx 5cm each. If I rehouse them all in the new enclosure at the same time will the size difference be an issue?

Lawrence b

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3 Year Member
There always a risk when keeping a communal . Just make sure there's enough food and none of them get territorial . I removed one Balfouri because it was quite bit smaller then the others . In saying that it still smaller maybe just a runt but they never cannibalised it.But the choice is yours and we all keep a communal at own risk .