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  1. Blue earth wolf slings

    Blue earth wolf slings

    Cute lil babies. cannot be fed melanogaster. they require true flightless fruitflies (D. hydei). once past the first couple of instars they will accept baby red runners
  2. Blue earth wolf with babies

    Blue earth wolf with babies

    Geolycosa gosoga
  3. hogna carolinensis i4 sling

    hogna carolinensis i4 sling

    you can tell which ones will grow huge- this 4i sling is already an inch almost.
  4. Hogna carolinensis 'tucson'

    Hogna carolinensis 'tucson'

    yet another 200 mouths to feed lol
  5. Schizocosa maxima

    Schizocosa maxima

    white coxa form
  6. Hogna coloradensis

    Hogna coloradensis

  7. Geolycosa gosoga

    Geolycosa gosoga

  8. geolycosa gosoga

    geolycosa gosoga

    mature male
  9. Hogna carolinensis

    Hogna carolinensis

    female unknown instar- probably penultimate.
  10. Geolycosa gosoga turret

    Geolycosa gosoga turret

    once they settle in like this theyre alot easier to feed.
  11. geolycosa gosoga

    geolycosa gosoga

    to make geolycosa happy you must create a sand and clay mixture and carefully saturate it. adequate ventilation at ground-level is important. it's best to add them whilst the clay is still moist- it assists them in sculpting their turret.
  12. Geolycosa gosoga

    Geolycosa gosoga

    i forgot to replace the lid and left it wide open- returned hours later and she never went further than this. This genus is frustrating but rewarding. get the substrate wrong and they sulk and refuse food or water.
  13. Rabidosa punctulata

    Rabidosa punctulata

    easily identified by appearance alone, likes meadows
  14. Hogna carolinensis

    Hogna carolinensis

    It stares deep into your soul..
  15. Schizocosa maxima 'Giant schizocoa'

    Schizocosa maxima 'Giant schizocoa'

    A large and beautiful species, S. maxima, th resembles S. mccooki in patterning, but grows much larger- approx. the same size as H. carolinensis
  16. Geolycosa gosoga

    Geolycosa gosoga

    Blue Earth Wolf