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  1. eremopedes bilineatus oviposition

    eremopedes bilineatus oviposition

    oviposition in this species is rather complex. they dont simply inject eggs- they also carefully sculpt the inside to ensure the nymphs can escape. they also use their ovipositor to push the eggs together in a tightly packed group, as shown- presumably a defense against dehydration.
  2. Eremopedes bilineatus

    Eremopedes bilineatus

    A beautiful shieldback katydid from the sonoran desert.
  3. Insara elegans

    Insara elegans

    Elegant bush katydid
  4. Insara covillae

    Insara covillae

    Creosote bush Katydid. if i do this right i will have these available soon.
  5. Obolopteryx brevihastata

    Obolopteryx brevihastata

    common shortwing katydid mature female. a member of The sickle-bearing katydids but behaves more like a shieldback- they insert eggs into the ground rather than in leaves or on branches like the other phaneropterine katydids which have sickle-shaped ovipositors.
  6. Neobarrettia spinosa eggs

    Neobarrettia spinosa eggs

    Approx. 70 murderous grains of chaos rice.
  7. Neobarrettia spinosa

    Neobarrettia spinosa

    i have approx. 35-40 now
  8. Neobarrettia spinosa ovipositing

    Neobarrettia spinosa ovipositing

    if all goes well, i'll have CB/CB nymphs for sale, soon. these guys scare me what the heck was i thinking? every time one gets too close i panic. well the nymphs wont be as scary, at least.
  9. MBullock

    US WTB neobarrettia spinosa 'Giant arid land predatory katydids'

    Looking for males and females. fedex priority overnight is a must. must be in excellent condition, no legs or feet missing. Give adequate cross ventilation as these do not tolerate stagnant air at all Not interested in victoriae zip is 92802, located in california.
  10. Capnobotes fuliginosus- Sooty longwing

    Capnobotes fuliginosus- Sooty longwing

    Another large and aggressive predatory katydid, this time in the shieldback family- these are found in the mojave and colorado deserts of the southwest, often clustering in huge numbers all over large roadkill. care must be taken to never approach these from the front as they will pounce and bite.
  11. neobarrettia spinosa

    neobarrettia spinosa

    this male was highly accustomed to me, as i handled him often- he never tried to bite me, and it took alot of effort to solicit a threat posture.
  12. Neobarrettia spinosa adult male

    Neobarrettia spinosa adult male

    The infamous red-eyed-devil, a very large predatory katydid that is known to plunder bird nests and even attack smaller nesting birds at night. capable of cleaving a large chunk of flesh, this species must be respected and handled carefully.