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  1. Phidippus audax bryantae female

    Phidippus audax bryantae female

    She is currently sitting on egg sac #2
  2. Colonus sylvanus male

    Colonus sylvanus male

    A terrific looking jumping spider -- very unique.
  3. Colonus sylvanus female

    Colonus sylvanus female

    She produced an egg sac yesterday. Interesting how this species leaves the eggs exposed.
  4. Phidippus whitmani male

    Phidippus whitmani male

    The males are more vibrant red-orange than the females.
  5. P. whitmani nest with egg sac

    P. whitmani nest with egg sac

    My female finally dropped an egg sac
  6. Phidippus whitmani female

    Phidippus whitmani female

    Gravid female
  7. Regius Otiosus Hybrid

    Regius Otiosus Hybrid

    Adult Female
  8. N

    please help me with identification, this is very new for me XD

    hi guys, i hope im in the right place for this, first of all this aint about tarantula's. (they stil freak me out a little bit) this morning during my work at a local greenhouse here in the netherlands. i noticed this little dude crawling and jumping on the ground. I took a closer look and saw...
  9. B

    Phidippus Regius

    I am looking for a phidippus regius, i prefer a young one. I would also like a pair (male and female). Im living in the Netherlands, hopefully this is not a problem for sending.
  10. Allycat

    Urgent! Help with jumping spider slings?

    My jumping spider has recently made an egg sac and I saw that the babies were coming out of her nest, the mother isn't anywhere to be seen (I don't keep her in an enclosure) and I don't know what to feed the slings. I'm terrible with making fruit fly cultures and can't get the proper supplies...
  11. P. Audax

    P. Audax

    Adult female with retreat containing eggs, she just wishes I would stop moving it