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himalayan earth tiger

  1. H himalayana

    H himalayana

    Munchy Munchy
  2. H

    US Lots of species for sale

    Hello everyone! Our friend has an arachnid/snake business and it has unfortunately come down to selling the tarantulas. She has had a few very serious life events come up and asked our help to get them sold. They are all beautiful and healthy. The species we have available are: - Mexican fire...
  3. Keymond69

    Haplocosmia himalayana care sheet

    Can anybody help me with the care sheet, I've got a 2-3 cm sling in a abdoral set up but it seems to be making a burrow and staying in it alot of the time. I've put enough substrate in it for her to do that , she also feeds quite a lot?
  4. Gunnies Spiders

    US Slings!!!! Slings packs!! Dubias!!

    UNSEXED SLINGS: Brachypelma Albopilosum .5"+ (Hobby form) $12 Caribena Versicolor 1" $25 or 3/$60 Ceratogyrus Marshalli 3/4" $15 Sale! or 3/$30 Davus Fasciatus 1" $30 (Limited!) Hapalopus Sp. Columbia (Lg) .5" Well started for this species! $15 Sale! Haplocosmia Himalayana 3/4"...