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  1. SER_313248317

    What’s the accuracy of gendering a 2” G. Pulchra sling?

    Recently bought a G. Pulchra that’s labeled as a Female. Bought it because I’ve been wanting one of these species for years (ntm G. Pulchra here is very rare, which means more expensive, but she’s worth it imo). When she came to me, she’s smaller than I expected. Around 2 inches. But the seller...
  2. T

    Help?? Shrinking abdomen??

    My Arizona Blond hasn’t eaten in a bit and I tried offering her food. She just didn’t want it. It’s getting colder and I’ve noticed her abdomen has shrunken significantly but it’s not wrinkled or shriveled. It’s very oblong shaped. I couldn’t get a clear photo but I’m very worried and I’m scared...
  3. flickedthehairout

    Hello! PLEASE HELP!! QUICK!! (rescued t's)

    New to keeping tarantulas! And I'm in a bit of a pickle! A long time friend called me up. She works at a homeless shelter. A homeless man came in to stay and had two tarantulas. He was told he could not keep them there and would have to re-home them or throw them out if a home was not available...
  4. R

    How do I get my tarantula eat and also how do I create an enclosure for tarantula missing it legs.

    As I mentioned in my last post my tarantula hasn't ate since last year and she started to get skinny. It started after she lost two of legs, is there anything I could do to encourage her to eat? Or should I just wait for her to molt? Also she has been swimming in water dish and I'm buying her...
  5. T

    Help? (webbed entrance)

    My Arizona blonde has webbed up her the entrance to her hide and it’s been like that for a couple of months now. She recently opened it up but she’s closed it again. What does this mean? Is she hungry?
  6. L

    Tarantula stressed because of an enclosure?

    So here is her story. I got my tarantula Monocentropus balfouri a week ago from some guy that really hated her and didnt want to take care of her. He left her to die basically. And that is where I stepped in. I'm aware that this species of tarantula is of a ''old world'' one and is probably...
  7. RoxanneHawke

    What sex is my curly hair tarantula sling

    I got this sling today, I’m new to the hobby and would love to find out whether this little beauty is a male or female. I feel rude saying ‘it’ all the time and would love to give it an appropriate name. Thanks in advance
  8. 1t_Loomed_Over

    Stressed A.Chalcodes

    Hi everyone, Yesterday I purchased a sub adult female A.chalcodes from a locally owned pet shop that specialises in reptiles and inverts. The car journey was slightly rough so I assume that my tarantula is stressed due to this and her re-housing. However, as soon as she was coaxed into her new...
  9. Y

    C. versicolor Sling enclosure help

    Hey fellow Tarantula keepers, recently I got my first aboreal T as a sling. I'm keeping 2 terrestial T's currently (1 B. hamorii (ex. smithi) at 6cm length and 1 G. pulchripes that I got as a sling who's grown to 2,5cm) I'm not really sure what enclosure is optimal for a C. versicolor sling...