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  1. 20240122_055836.jpg


    Haze doing her thing
  2. MattB78

    Magenta, my beautiful GBB out and about after a rehouse... finally!

    Rehoused her 3 months ago, she webbed up a bit then went underground. Finally tempted her out with 2 fat mealworm. She's still a stunner ❤️
  3. Codes

    US Female GBB for sale or trade

    Hi guys, I have a female GBB about 4 1/2 inches in size, has full adult colors. Looking to either sell or trade her for something more docile that I can handle as she is just to skittish for me (and yes I know that handling them has no benefit so kindly, please don't remind me) Looking for...
  4. 39266B20-F6D3-459F-9E37-F1B8457E1CCC.jpeg


    GBB without full colors yet
  5. FluffyLegz


    Got a GBB yesterday, they don’t have their adult colors yet but they are stunning!I managed to get a decent photo
  6. T

    US Green Bottle Blue For Sale

    80% confident this is a female. I have not sexed it via molt but this GBB will be 2 years old in June and there are no physical signs of it being a male. This T is roughly 4 inches when sprawled out. It's my first Tarantula, I'm just not interested in keeping it anymore and think it should go...
  7. S

    Post-moult GBB isn't eating, over 21 days later?

    Please excuse me as I'm still fairly new to the hobby, and this is my first tarantula. It's a juvenile GBB of undetermined sex. I've tried feeding it once a week post-moult, but so far - it has expressed no interest, with the exception of semi-grabbing a roach. I've also tried feeding it...
  8. Gbb


    F O O T
  9. Gbb


    Going from sling to adult colors
  10. GBB leg

    GBB leg

    You can see all the leg spikes in this pic
  11. I

    Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens mature male looking for his female!

    I have a mature male Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens looking for his lady in or near the Twin Cities area in Minnesota. I would much rather hand him off in person vs send him by mail. I have never sent a T by mail so I am rather reluctant. If anyone is interested, please send me a message! Thank you!
  12. C cyaneopubescens

    C cyaneopubescens

    Gnarly fangs
  13. Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens

    Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens

    Colored Pencil, based off a photo of my GBB, Coral.
  14. Accepted

    GBBs are Mini Heart Attacks

    For the first few days we had our GBB, she wasn't very responsive to us. I could open and close her enclosure with no problem. I could easily remove things from her enclosure or add things. She didn't bolt at all. But now, the minute she knows the door is open, she bolts upwards. And she's a...
  15. C cyaneopubescens

    C cyaneopubescens

    Lookin gorgeous
  16. C cyaneopubescens

    C cyaneopubescens

    A fresh noodle of a t
  17. What a difference a day makes

    What a difference a day makes

    Juvenile female GBB making her house a home overnight
  18. K

    US P. Regalis Pair for Sale and More

    Moving out of state sale! -Mature male and newly matured female P. Regalis pair for sale: $75. You can have their 12x12x18 in. acrylic tarantula enclosure for free. -Juvenile OBT unsexed: $10. You can have the juvenile terrestrial acrylic enclosure for free. -Juvenile GBB unsexed: $30...
  19. Face first

    Face first

    Fangs deep into fresh water that she already dirtied. Durty gurl.
  20. Thursty gurl

    Thursty gurl

    MF GBB having a drink