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  1. Brachypelma albopilosum

    My gbb won't come out of its burrow.

    I have this gbb for about 3 months now, and it won't come out of that dumbass skull i bought her. She looks like in premolt and she doesn't eat anymore, but it's been 3 months now. Shouldn't she have molted already?
  2. C. Cyaneopubescens

    C. Cyaneopubescens

    She is in her skull.. What a beauty.
  3. S

    GBB Sling staying on walls

    So we got a new GBB sling in September and we've notice that while she's webbed everything up quite well and she'll go down to catch prey she always sticks to the sides and doesn't go elsewhere. She will bring her prey up and eat on the side she just doesn't seem to want to stay down. We've...
  4. I've bought a gbb!!

    I've bought a gbb!!

    I am so excited! I just bought a gbb. I am stoked to see it grow. Yeah! I'm absolutely in love with this t. My third ever tarantula.
  5. Brachypelma albopilosum

    Gbb enclosure

    So I'm planning on buying a gbb, and I'm already making a enclosure. So I'm looking for some information about the gbb and especially the enclosure. I want to know exactly everything it needs, think of depth of substrate, does it need a burrow. I've read it needs bone dry substrate, but still 60...
  6. G

    Is this size enclosure okay

    I have a GBB sling just wondering if the size of this enclosure is okay
  7. 15723074827497415033842783399655.jpg


    Still kind of shy after the molt. Thinking of feeding on Wednesday (it's fangs look black, but i want to make sure they are hard enough).
  8. J

    I suspect my GBB has been infested with mold. PLEASE HELP

    My year and a half or so old Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens has been doing quite fine for awhile but 3 or 4 days ago I found mold in it's enclosure. I made a stupid decision by putting small wooden statues in the new home I gave it 2 months ago. The mold appeared on both small statues. I...
  9. Mvtt70

    Unboxing 5 Greenbottle Blue slings & Rehousing

    Quick video unboxing 5 C. cyaneopubescens slings and putting them into their new enclosures.
  10. mrsoul1974

    Hello! New to the message board...

    Hello everyone! I'm new to the board. I have a GBB tarantula. I got it from Fear Not Tarantulas.com a little over a month ago, and it just molted last week! It's about 1.5" now. This if my first T in quite some time. I had a Pink-Toed about 20+ years ago, and I had a Carolina Wolf spider...
  11. GBB Molt...

    GBB Molt...

    My GBB that I've had since 5/9/19 molted on 6/11/19. It's getting bigger!!
  12. Curlyed


    Looking to buy a GBB ( Chromatopelma Cyaneopubescens) (Greenbottle blue) sling for a local pick up in or around Houston I’m in Huntsville but willing to pick up please DM me.
  13. KIA_PETE

    Why is my GBB always like this XD

    My GBB trying its hardest to be a Facehugger.
  14. KIA_PETE

    Greenbottle blue feeding Picture + HD Video

    Like feeding video's with over the top dramatic music? I was messing around with some new video software.
  15. JSReptilesUK

    Some of the Ts

    We have 15 tarantulas currently - but don't have photos of them all to hand. So here are a few of them: Ronnie the N. Coloratovillosus Fly the C. Cyaneopubescens Jellybean the C.Versicolor Mr T the B. Albopilosum (our first T!)
  16. StickyStein

    US For sale MF GBB and others

    I have a 5inch female Green bottle blue for sale. She is beautiful and healthy but I am getting into a different hobby. Last molt was roughly 6 months ago and is confirmed female. I am asking $200 + overnight S&H. I also have a confirmed female 3.5 inch P Irminia for $80+S&H and a female T...
  17. ALD

    Refusing food.

    I am going into week three (this weekend)of my GBB not taking crickets. I put one in and she runs the other direction. At first I felt she hadn't noticed it, but now I am thinking she is ignoring it by going the other direction purpose. I will try again this weekend but she does not seem amused...
  18. ALD

    My T is teaching me patience.

    I am a person with anxiety issues. So, I always panic and I am impatient with a lot of things. I always assume the worst. It's a flaw I know. I try to work on it. Since getting my GBB she has taught me- to just chill out. It's all good. I have to keep reminding myself. Latest example- I went to...
  19. ALD

    GBB Using water bowl as garbage can.

    I have had my GBB for about a month now. I find it amusing that after I feed her a cricket I find the crumpled up body her water bowl the next day. It's the furthest point from where she likes to eat and hang out. Does anyone else have a T with a habit like this? I am happy- makes clean up easy! ha.
  20. ALD

    I'm getting my first GBB soon!!!

    Hello all, I am new to Tarantulas. I have had all kinds of animals all my life, but never a Tarantula. I have always thought they seemed like awesome pets. So, I am getting serious. I have been doing some research and looking at different species. I have settled on getting a GBB. I'm excited...