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  1. Sorafromkh2

    Is there anything wrong with sparingly offering food the same size or even bigger than your Ts abdomen?

    I generally stick to the rule that prey should be a little smaller, or half smaller than your tarantulas abdomen, but what about feeding larger prey, then waiting a longer time to feed them than you usually do? Like say i fed my dwarf T thats 3”, and her abdomen’s about a little under a 1”, a...
  2. Aphonopelma icenoglei turret

    Aphonopelma icenoglei turret

    Most likely either a mature female or male judging by how large this turret was. Could also be a brooding female tending an eggsac.
  3. LadyShanna92

    I got a Neostenotarsus sp suriname today! Pardon the bad pic

  4. aphonopelma vorhiesi

    aphonopelma vorhiesi

    penultimate male
  5. Aphonopelma saguaro

    Aphonopelma saguaro

    A member of the paloma dwarf complex. despite the name, not endemic to saguaro national park.
  6. Dolichothele diamantinensis

    Dolichothele diamantinensis

    Set it up like a GBB
  7. Hapalopus sp. Colombia "gross" (large)

    Hapalopus sp. Colombia "gross" (large)

    This fellow is in premolt, again
  8. Hapalopus sp. Columbia large

    Hapalopus sp. Columbia large

    I thought both these guys were in premolt, but #1 came out when I opened to clean the poo-poo water dish. Offered a cricket and bam! Fatty fatty boom bah!
  9. C leetzi posing

    C leetzi posing

    Rehoused Click and Clack today. Here's a good pose while on walkabout, exploring.
  10. C leetzi

    C leetzi

    Lovely little dwarf. Oops, that's a reverse oxymoron lol
  11. Hapalopus feeding

    Hapalopus feeding

    Fed H. Sp. Colombia 3 hours ago and it's still sitting on that cricket caprisun
  12. PP#1 reaching out

    PP#1 reaching out

    #1 is way more active and inquisitive than #2
  13. ResuemJuli

    My Neoholothele Incei (Gold form) spotted outside

    My N. Incei recently molted and i see her more often now. She is about 2.5 years old and ca. 7.5 cm. Recorded with Canon EOS 1100D and Sigma 70-300mm f4-5.6 Macro Lense.
  14. Spoodle not enjoying her rehouse.

    Spoodle not enjoying her rehouse.

    I've had Spoodle since they were super tiny. One of my first slings I ever owned so they have a special spot with me. I rehoused them two weeks ago and have not seen them since. I'll give it another week before pulling up their bark. I know heterothele villosellas are known for being nervous.
  15. M

    Good Dwarf Tarantula?

    First off, I am new to this forum so I put it here because I do not know where else too. Also, this would be a first time owner of a tarantula. I am looking to get a tarantula. Being a little uncomfortable with them, I am looking for a dwarf species. I want a smaller one but I have a few...