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  1. Chad Chilcote

    US Heteropoda Davidbowie slings wanted in NE United States (preferably)

    Is there anyone who has or knows of someone who has heteropoda davidbowie slings in the northeast United States region (for shipping ease and cost) I’ve looked at most bigger breeder sites, but if they carry the species they’re always all sold out. Any help would be appreciated !!!! Thanks in...
  2. SpiderCafe

    Any experienced Heteropoda davidbowie breeders?

    I have a dilemma. I have a MM and MF but they may be sack mates. I got them from same seller: FNT. I also got two females that need 2 more molts to reach full maturity. My male matured 4-5 months ago. Should I wait for other two females to mature or pair him up with probable sack mate? How long...