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  1. Webbed_obsessed

    Cyriocosmus sp tambopata success

    Looks to be a huge amount of slings from this female. I believe this to be the first US eggsac of Cyriocosmus sp tambopata. Cannot wait for them to molt.
  2. Webbed_obsessed

    Cyriocosmus sp tambopata pairing

    Got a good pairing from one of my Cyriocosmus sp tambopata this morning. The male had lost a front limb during the molt but it did not hinder breeding at all.
  3. W

    US Shrinking my collection

    I am located in Richmond VA and will happily do local pickup but I can also do overnight shipping or two day shipping via fedex as well, though I’d only offer live arrival guarantee with overnight shipping. I have the following Ts available Tarantulas: A Avicularia Probable female A iodius...
  4. Webbed_obsessed

    Cyriocosmus ritae success

    The first female ritae produced us an eggsac. Not no where near the numbers I'd like but 53 is not bad for her first. I have a few more females that need to drop and I'll most likely pair her again if she molts. They are some of the cutest Cyriocosmus for sure. My wife calls them the little...
  5. 20200528_163705.jpg


    Cyriocosmus leetzi
  6. JenPhilo101415

    US Trying to find Cyriocosmus Aueri (Bertae)

    I don't know if ISO posts are allowed, but I am searching hard for a Cyriocosmus Aueri (Bertae) sling or Juvenile. I fell in love with the Cyriocosmus genus and already have a Leetzi and Elegans. I just NEED a Aueri now, and am having a real tough time finding one. Please under $80 including...
  7. jenny-o

    Feedback on a loss in my collection.

    I’m looking for help or feedback on my care and husbandry. I came home last night and went through my normal routine of checking on my slings to find my cyriocosmus leetzi wasn’t moving. It molted at the beginning of the month (the 4th I believe) and hasn’t eaten since. I found it sitting in...