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  1. A

    My tarantula eats in her cave and I don’t know how to clean it

    My Brachypelma hamorii decided to eat in her cave. Everytime I feed her she goes to her cave and I can’t pick up the lefts cuz she has barricaded herself and made spiderwebs. What should I do? Should I move the cave to pick up the lefts?
  2. Rhachocnemis validus courtship

    Rhachocnemis validus courtship

    male on the left. mating only occurs in the burrow afaik.
  3. Rhachocnemis validus

    Rhachocnemis validus

    coast sand treaders
  4. Macrobaenetes algodonensis

    Macrobaenetes algodonensis

    algodones sand-treader. a species of specialized camel cricket that lives nowhere else on earth. only active during winter and spring- eggs remain in 'stasis' until the monsoon, in which they resume development, hatching around fall.
  5. Ceuthophilus fossor- Desert camel cricket

    Ceuthophilus fossor- Desert camel cricket

    like most of the genus, fossorial. active in deserts of the southwest during winter and spring.
  6. Cnemotettix sp- anostostomatidae 'Silk-spinning cricket'

    Cnemotettix sp- anostostomatidae 'Silk-spinning cricket'

    This is the only north american king-cricket genus. They build silk-lined burrows and are opportunistic omnivores, feeding mostly on seeds or small insects
  7. Dave Jay

    A Simple Feeder Set Up

    In my experience this is a simple set up that works for breeding mealworms and roaches, and for keeping and growing crickets. If you have other methods or tweeks on this method please add them to the thread. Obtain a Critter Keeper or similar, or a tub with a lot of ventilation. Pour in a...
  8. jacob bott

    Keeping crickets

    So I got my first tarantula about 1 week ago and I got a mexican red knee. I have fed it twice since then. Im gonna start keeping my crickets in a small tank and gut load them. I was wondering how many crickets I put in it first and how often I should get more crickets for the tank. I also was...