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  1. Kristian

    New Balfouri communal setup.

    Hi guys, although I've been keeping Ts for years and have a large number I am about to start my first Comunal enclosure. What I'm curious about is...... The enclosure I have selected is 16" x 16" x 13" high. I currently have 3 slings about 3cm in size which I want to house with another 5...
  2. NukaMedia Exotics

    Monocentropous balfouri “Socotra Island Blue Baboon Tarantula” Communal Rehousing!

    New video upload! Monocentropous balfouri “Socotra Island Blue Baboon Tarantula” Communal Rehousing!
  3. Theraphosidae prison gang

    Theraphosidae prison gang

    M balfouri communal #2 - the little guys
  4. Balfouri feeding frenzy

    Balfouri feeding frenzy

    There's a cricket in there. Well, what's left of it.
  5. SweetheartXR

    Making an M. Balfouri communal with already established members, different ages ?

    Of course I'm not talking sling with adults. What I mean is, I have a female and a male M Balfouri at the moment, and will probably get a second pair. They are approximately all the same size, not fully adults either. I was wondering if it would still be possible to make a communal out of it. I...
  6. Mugsy

    Advice on keeping P. Regalis communal

    I just bought 2x p.regalis slings and I need advice on how to care for them and how often do I feed them.
  7. A

    US Looking for a starter colony of T. stigmurus

    Hello, Semi new to scorpion care but have been taking care of inverts off and on through my life. I love the idea of communal species and am looking for some T. stigmurus scorpions to get my own colony started. Thanks for looking!
  8. Bertie88

    So nice to be here :-)

    Thanks to @Phil for recommending this as an alternative forum :-) Having had a scan through the site, I’d like to introduce myself and say hey! Having kept reptiles for many years I finally branched out into the world of tarantulas and more recently, scorpions. Though I kept a secret curly...