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@casey k

  1. L parahybana Sling

    L parahybana Sling

    Nice and fat after that one cricket that outsized her but didn't phase this lil one!
  2. B. boehmi

    B. boehmi

    Confirmed female! Almost ready for her buffet!
  3. My baby’s first takedown!

    My baby’s first takedown!

    My L parahybana sling handling business...
  4. H. sp columbia

    H. sp columbia

    My 1 of 2 Hapalopus sp columbia slings, love these little ones, they are taking down pin head crickets on their own already and they do it with a vengeance!
  5. P. cambridgei

    P. cambridgei

    This is my first Psalmopoeus. I named her Vendetta but she ended up being sweet..for now.
  6. L. parahybana sling fresh molt

    L. parahybana sling fresh molt

    My baby got a new coat!