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brachypelma vagans

  1. Double clutching

    Double clutching

    T vagans teenage boy stuffing his face
  2. mak_manning3

    B. Vagans

    Hey guys! So I'm new to the hobby and I'm super interested in the brachypelma vagans. I am currently on the search for an adult male or female (preferably female but I won't be picky). If any of you could please help me find a reliable site to purchase one or if one of you have one and would be...
  3. NukaMedia Exotics

    B. vagans and C. darlingi females Unboxing

    YouTube upload of my B. vagans and C. darlingi females being unboxed and housed. More T videos on the way, my collection includes some pretty amazing species so if you want to subscribe for future uploads I'd appreciate it. Thanks!
  4. B. vagans

    B. vagans

    Freshly molted sling