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  1. J

    Transition to Old World T’s - any advice?

    Hi! I am making the leap and getting my first old world t (c sp. hati hati) after keeping new worlds for years. Any tips/tricks for the transition to old worlds?
  2. Mr Pipe Cleaner likes his lava lamp

    Mr Pipe Cleaner likes his lava lamp

    MM T. violaceous has been out more as if late, usually at night
  3. 20210115_224124.jpg


    "Mocha" my AF P. reduncus
  4. 20201010_142421.jpg


    Fresh molted mature female Poecilotheria tigrinawesseli
  5. 20200908_154427.jpg


    Poecilotheria miranda
  6. 20200904_150951.jpg


    Poecilotheria ornata- just housed 2x of these beautiful ladies. "Harley-Quinn" and "Cherry"
  7. 20200825_163833.jpg


    Gravid female Psalmopeus irminia
  8. 20200821_215922.jpg


    Psalmopeus irminia Sac # 2 A few good babies in here. Not as good as sac #1 but thankful there are some! :)
  9. 20200821_205753.jpg


    Psalmopeus irminia (egg sac #1) Most are 1st instar. There are a few that are still eggs with legs stage. :)
  10. 20200810_150039.jpg


    Poecilotheria metallica I've never seen one so pissed off at me, lol. Mad crazy!!! Lol lol
  11. Avic drinking

    Avic drinking

    I've seen her around the water dish before but never drinking until today.
  12. Sneak peek

    Sneak peek

    Somebody is moving in
  13. Psychedelic Tapi

    Psychedelic Tapi

    He always comes out when we are playing music loudly, typically hard rock, classic rock or hip hop.
  14. Avic's first mealworm

    Avic's first mealworm

    Love the gooey guts beading out of the worm lol
  15. P irminia feeding

    P irminia feeding

    First feeding after molt, suspect male Sorry for red light
  16. P irminia's first roach

    P irminia's first roach

    Her previous owner fed her mealworms and crickets. Here is her first meal in my care. A nice juicy B lat
  17. Look ma, flashy orange

    Look ma, flashy orange

    P irminia looking oh so pretty
  18. P irminia exploring

    P irminia exploring

    Out for a stroll in the moonlight
  19. Anterior Tapi

    Anterior Tapi

    Looks male to me... Mr. Pipe Cleaner
  20. Ventral Tapi

    Ventral Tapi

    Out after weeks of self-isolation and that epigastric furrow looks pretty horizontal to me