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aphonopelma iodius

  1. Aphonopelma iodius 'Black mask'

    Aphonopelma iodius 'Black mask'

    Mature male.
  2. Aphonopelma iodius burrow

    Aphonopelma iodius burrow

    One of many burrows spotted today.
  3. fresh molt

    fresh molt

    Iodius in new clothes.
  4. Aphonopelma 'iodius' (colorado desert population)

    Aphonopelma 'iodius' (colorado desert population)

    The southern population will likely be renamed following the upcoming revision to aphonopelma, which will also name a new steindachneri group member from orange county, CA. (Note: that is not pure sand, but a mixture of sand silt and clay) This population also grows larger- reaching 6"!
  5. Aphonopelma iodius

    Aphonopelma iodius

    Two populations of iodius exist, one is native to the mojave and great basin, the other is in the colorado desert and will likely be renamed soon IMO with the next aphonopelma revision.
  6. A. iodius

    A. iodius