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paolo escoto
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  • I have a adult female Sri Lanka ornamental for sale $200 dollars she's 6.5 inches very nice and striking colors.I also have a male p.regalis ornamental for sale $75 dollars he is 4.5 inches..I have a orange star burst baboon ornamental stunning colors female and she is a spiderling $50 dollars if interested email me at [email protected] I'm located in san Diego California south san diego thanx
    my T's are all burrowed up. they're getting boring. no activities and shiznits. but i still love them!!
    now my dad is lecturing me about how it could bite and kill someone here in the house. i was pissed enough to not educate him.
    my B. boehmi has escaped. someone opened his enclo and left it open. i'm so pissed off. ASFjslkhdbnfalkg
    my pulchripes almost bit me. i was picking up his water dish then he punced on my hand. so always check your T's tempermament first. :p
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    Lucky!! pulchripes are so freaking docile that you cant see it coming :p
    sir...can i ask..you about..how to buy a t's. from them....bec. i dont have a any permit..can you please help me..?
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