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  1. NorseDad

    T. apophysis--How is the care level compared to T. stirmi?

    Thanks for the advice. My source is $125 no shipping for local pick up. They are also doing a holiday sale so I could get 10% more off. I think I'm going to pull the trigger.
  2. NorseDad

    T. apophysis--How is the care level compared to T. stirmi?

    I've been looking for a while for a T. stirmi sling or small juvenile, but I haven't had any luck. I don't usually like to buy long distance because I don't want the risk of shipping issues or the costs involved in overnight delivery. I wanted a Theraposa for the size factor, the higher...
  3. NorseDad

    GBB sling lost leg :(

    I know how you feel. I've had two leg drops in my year+ experience. One was a stuck molt very recently and the other was very early on during a transfer. I'd just say don't feel guilty. It's something that happens, and they will do just fine until the new one grows back.
  4. NorseDad

    My first scorpion !

    I was seriously looking at an emperor at Repticon a few weeks ago. I ended up putting my money elsewhere, but man was I tempted. Your scorp looks awesome! Congratulations.
  5. NorseDad

    Getting obsessed with Pamphobeteus--Pamphobeteus machala

    Picked up another pamphobeteus sling this week. This time a feisty little P. machala. Had a tiny booty when I got it, but then took down a monster meal worm. Guess I'm gathering these little Christmas tree booties in time for the holidays.
  6. NorseDad


    Forgot you said rare. Well, here's a close up of my A. moderatum sling.
  7. NorseDad


    Here's my A. chalcodes.
  8. NorseDad

    So I went for it!

    I think you mean 15, that the landlord can see... My wife once capped me at 3 a year ago. 23 tarantulas later and she hasn't divorced me...yet.
  9. NorseDad

    Pamphobeteus sp "insignis" (Ecuador) vs Pamphobeteus sp insignis (Colombia)

    I purchased a sling from an expo this weekend labeled P. insignis. I know the Pamphobeteus is a messy group from a classification point of view. Could someone educate me on the main differences between the Pamphobeteus sp "insignis" (Ecuador) vs. Pamphobeteus sp insignis (Columbia). Does anyone...
  10. NorseDad

    Who's molted today

    A. seemanni "Paulie" with a fresh coat of paint.
  11. NorseDad

    T. stirmi enclosure options? I hate using bins...

    I saw some people did that. I was worried about getting the right ventilation though.
  12. NorseDad

    T. stirmi enclosure options? I hate using bins...

    Hello, I'm looking to get a T. stirmi soon, but I really don't like the idea of keeping it in a bin. Does anyone have any suggestions for good alternatives to a sterilite bin that will actually display well?
  13. NorseDad

    Bad Molt And Not Sure What To Do

    Sorry for your loss.
  14. NorseDad

    The WORST beginner species

    Maybe it's a cop out, but I recommend against any beginner getting a tarantula species they don't actually like because it is labeled as a beginner. A species you're crazy about and interested in will always be better than a "stepping stone" imo.
  15. NorseDad

    I feel like I let my girl down

    I will remember that for next time. Thank you for the advice. I wish she didn't have to go through that just because I'm inexperienced.