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  1. Luna

    Unsure when to feed my A. Chalcodes.

    Rare feedings, and decapitations... I like this prescription!;) Thanks everyone!
  2. Easy Picture Opportunity!

    Easy Picture Opportunity!

    Little dark, but I thought the angle looked too cool to pass up! My A. Chalcodes is pretty chonky:)
  3. Luna

    Stolen packages

    Here's the text!
  4. Luna


    One thing is for certain, those knees are certainly not flaming!;)
  5. Luna

    Do you save your molt?

    With my little G. Pulchra I keep all of them. When she finally matures out I plan on making a little display of her growth since she's my first sling! :)
  6. Luna

    Can you HEAR your tarantula molting?

    The thought of hearing a carapace crack... as they molt...... Not good images in mind!;)
  7. Luna

    Unsure when to feed my A. Chalcodes.

    Hi! So, going from my beautiful Cobalt to this species, I've noticed I can't tell when she wants to eat! I've only found her in the 'murder time' pose once, otherwise I'm unable to really tell when she's hungry. Anyone have any definitive signs they use? I just toss some dubias in there, but...
  8. Luna

    What is her problem?

    ^bump^ I believe all forms of life can, but some have hardier regulations on DNA replication and their genome is hardier in terms of allowing mutations. If they couldn't get cancerous cells, then they theoretically couldn't mutate/evolve; so, I imagine they can. Anyone with a degree in...
  9. Luna

    Well, I'm in a horrible position.

    Well looks who's doing just fine after worrying their mom all weekend! Up and moving around even, much more than when I first recieved them! Thanks again everyone, I'll upload a picture of the molt soon when I get a chance for sexing!
  10. Luna

    Well, I'm in a horrible position.

    Thanks everyone for the well wishes for her! Tomorrow I'll be back and know for sure. I took one last glance at her on my way out the door and it seemed like she was going through with molting successfully-ish. She had started to exit her old carapace and pull her legs out a bit. Though...
  11. Luna

    Well, I'm in a horrible position.

    Here's the postion she is in, dry eco earth is what she's on.
  12. Luna

    Well, I'm in a horrible position.

    My A. Chalcodes that I got last week and has been irritable is now molting standing up hidden in a corner. She did spin herself a molting web, but she is upright and not in any position to fully shed her exoskeleton. I leave in an hour for a trip to watch a relatives house and care for their...
  13. Salticus scenicus

    Salticus scenicus

    A Zebra Jumping Spider juvenile. Some might call them a little TOO friendly when ya meet em!
  14. Luna

    I am proud to announce my very own public album: All-Arachnid Showcase!

    Sounds interesting! I'll be sure to post in it when I find a beauty!
  15. Luna

    US Arizona Blonde - Aphonopelma chalcodes

    Absolutely fantastic! :> I'm sure it goes without saying but that's awesome!