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    Anyone know of a good place to get mantids and or walking stick? I am in the market for some. :)
  2. Entity

    Curly hair sling FREE

    Damn! I was just in philly last weekend!
  3. Entity

    Enclosure Clean Up Issue?

    If you don't have to clean it don't worry about it. Unless it stars to grow mold or something it is just an appearance thing.
  4. Entity

    Is this safe to use?

    Cork bark has that stuff on it in the stores and when you buy it....I never worried about it.
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    Hey guys, Im looking for enclosures for XL size tarantulas. Any ideas?
  6. Entity

    A gigas African Giant Milipede

    What about with scorpions and centipedes? I have mites in their cages pretty bad. I let them dry out, but the mites are always there. Will putting isopods in with them help get rid of the mites?
  7. Entity

    Tiger Beetle

    I have one pinned and mounted...
  8. Entity

    My B. albopilosum lost a sac and is now treating a mound of dirt like a sac

    lmao....she like son of a *****....this aint my babies! lmao.
  9. Entity

    Mite Question

    alright man sounds good! that's what I was figuring. I let all of mine dry out for like a week after I mist them. The spiders seem to be ok with it. Even the more humid loving species, like my P. metallica, and P.irmina....
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    Mite Question

    Well....All I know is that it was a little whiteish bug crawling on the outside of the enclosure...I don't really know how to tell.
  11. Entity

    Mite Question

    Hey ya'll I have been finding the odd mite from time to time. I look for them but don't see any in any of my enclosures. But When I get them off the shelf to feed and what not, I find a mite roaming, so far just on the outside of the enclosure. I'm guessing there are some in the enclosure. Is...
  12. Entity

    My New T

    Yes a great deal of confusion. Even Deadly Tarantula Girl referred to a B. hamorri as formerly known as B. smithi.
  13. Entity

    Oldest tarantula on the forum

    hmmm....good question. My oldest is 5 years old so I figure I am not in the running. lol
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    My New T

    lmao...yeah smithi to hamorii.....why? weird.
  15. Entity

    My New T

    Aw great @MassExodus , my freakin vagans and hamorii (still cant get used to that) just read this. Man, now I'm gonna have to explain to them why you have forsaken them! lmao.