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Urticating hairs

Urticating hairs

I have them all over my forearms, hands, and lower legs

This pic is after 24 hours (still itches like crazy)

Culprit is my B. Hamorii
@spodermin You need to treat with Piriton (an anti-allergy tablet that contains chlorpheniramine maleate Ph.Eur. 4mg) or a cream contain anti-histamine.
@Enn49 yeah I just wait for it to come out. A really strong tape is the best remedy Ive been told thus far, just wax them out immediately following embedding. I just did it to my hands and they're basically better, but my arms and legs would take too long and the hair makes it a pain
I've been lucky enough to have not been haired yet. I'm very sensitive to poison ivy, I imagine it feels simular to getting poison ivy between the fingers. At least they aren't in your eyes huh?
I have to wear gloves when I do anything with my Ts. Even just spraying the enclosures. I'm super sensitive and evidently allergic to the hairs. Which sadly means no holding them for me. But it doesn't stop me from having or caring for them.

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