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Too Good
Everyone, meet Heart Attack or as I call them, HA. Too good for their water dish so I have to drizzle the glass every 3 days.
Is there a story behind the name Heart Attack? I do love a good t story!!

Actually yes. My Little Heart Attack in a Box, is what my hubby so lovingly named them.

Let me say this, all my slings get pre-kills right up to the size of about 8cm. Since I only have one that is that big, you can imagine why I pretend to be the Queen of Hearts, "off with their heads!"

Normally I could leave the item on their special spot and with in 24 to 48 hours it would be gone. After 48, I would simply clean their enclosure wait 3 more days and try again. At that point, if they aren't eating then I know they are going into a pre-molt and with hold food.

With all that said, HA didn't like this routine in any...... way..... So what I had to do with them, even as a sling, is take meal worms and make it wiggle with first a skewer bamboo stick (blunt end), then later a straw. If you didn't do this, they would simply ignore the item. So in their first enclosure, they were fed from the top instead of what you see here. So like a dang jack-in-the-box, they would pop up. One is not prepared, even when you know it's going to happen, for the random ambush of legs.

Now with all that information, imagine how my hubby (who is utterly afraid of them) felt when my spider babysitter didn't come over one time. He didn't know they could last a while without food, and proceeded to call me up while I was up north working. Despite me telling him, he didn't need too, he fed the babies. He didn't like the idea of them going hungry.

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