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Who's molted today


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Another moult last night and this one did surprise me. Beck, my 6 year old Davus pentaloris, moulted July 2018 then again May 2020 so I was very surprised to find her on her back last night. Since her May moult she never came out of her hide, all I saw were a couple of her feet. Back in May she had blocked her doorway with the old exo so I left it intending to retrieve it next day but it had vanished. This evening I lifted her hide gently to investigate and there was Beck squished up with both moults.

On her back last night
DSCF3125 (2).JPG

In her new clothes
DSCF3129 (2).JPG

May moult, rather tatty now
DSCF3133 (2).JPG

Last nights moult
DSCF3134 (2).JPG

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