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What in T-arnation is going on here??....

Dr. Phibes

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North Carolina
So I have a Tliltocatl albopilosus (Curly Hair) and about 4 inches. I've had her for prob 3 months now. Saw her yesterday evening inside her cork log and she was weaving this really cool thick looking hammock web underneath her (super heavy thick looking about the entire size of her circumference ). A couple hours later I look and and she has it all balled up and holding it looking like an egg sack??!!.... anybody seen this behavior? Is it possible she was pregnant when I bought her at a show and now laying her egg? Seeing mixed info in my research. Thanks much for any good intel.


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It is possible that she has been paired before you bought her but it is not unknown for tarantulas to produce infertile egg sacs too. I've had a couple drop infertile sacs and they will often realise after a few weeks and abandon the infertile sac. All you can do is wait and see what happens.
Ontario, Canada
Looks like an egg sac to me, but it’s likely not fertile…not impossible though. Just seems unlikely someone would sell her after pairing without mentioning it but maybe they got her mixed up!

It’s possible to remove it but it will stress her out. Better to leave it alone as it’s probably empty and like Enn49 said she’ll lose interest