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The weird invert care guide.

A cave cricket

New Member
Note: this is my idea from arachnoboards. It blew up.

Hello! If you want to learn how to keep oddball inverts but you can't find a tutorial this is the right place!

once a week I will make a care guide for weird inverts such as: stink bugs, ladybugs, southern two striped walking stick, (Anisomorpha buprestoides) and even wasps!

please put suggestions in the replies.
Ontario, Canada
Would love a care guide for wasps!! Most hate them but I really like them despite how defensive they can be…but people keep OBTs so haha.

I caught and kept a yellowjacket queen briefly when I was younger, but let her go after a few days so she could do her job. I doubt her tank was sufficient. She was awesome to listen to though

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