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P. fortis sac help


New Member
South Africa
Hi all

So I recently pulled a fortis sac.
I have a slight concern and need some advice.

It was with the female for roughly 35 days after which I pulled it.
I have opened it and found the some eggs have started to become EWLS and a few in the process, this was 2 days ago.

I have not removed them from the sac and placed the whole sac into a suspended stocking incubator, temps are around 25-27C

Since then not much has really changed at all, there have been maybe 1 or 2 more becoming elws and a few that have split but not emerged.

I am worried things are not going well and they are getting stuck.
This is my first Pamph sac so maybe I am just being impatient, heard they are exceptionally
slow developing at this stage

Any advise or assurance would be much appreciated.

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