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US MF Phormictopus sp South Hispaniola

Czar Exotics

3 Year Member
Killeen, Texas
Letting go of this mature female Phormictopus sp South Hispaniola due to not having a male for her and taking my breeding plans in another direction.


Shipping cost will depend on the location the arachnids are being shipped to. I only ship to the lower 48 states. LAG if the package arrives on the specified day and time specified by FedEx and there are no delays. Pictures and a video of the arachnid(s) will be required within 1 hour upon the package being received for proof, whether it’s shipped to your front door or to a FedEx hub. If these requirements are met, then a refund will be made in the dollar amount of the specimen or the buyer may request another arachnid(s) equaling the dollar amount of the original arachnid(s). Shipping will not be refunded, nor will shipping be included if the buyer decides to replace the original specimen with another arachnid(s). The buyer will be required to pay for shipping again.

For pics and more questions you can text me at (254) 423-7167 or email me at [email protected].

I use PayPal, cashapp, and Zelle for payments.



Zelle is by phone number 254-423-7167


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