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US Males Needed


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New Mexico
I have freshly molted females that I am looking to pair:
A behlei
A brocklehursti
B smithi
C cyaneopubescens

I am only looking to buy or trade. I am not interested in doing any 50/50 deals.

I have for trade:
1.0.0 A hentzi MM
1.0.0 G pulchra MM
1.0.0 T stirmi MM (for experienced breeders only, I would like to get a few of the slings if you succeed)
0.0.16 M robustum 3"+
0.0.2 C darlingi .5"
0.0.2 A ezendami
Lots of B dubia, and G portentosa

Live arrival is guaranteed (LAG) on all shipments, provided some one receives the package on the first delivery attempt Shipments will not be made when temperatures are above 85 or below 50 degrees F. All claims of DOA must be made the same day the animals arrive, photographic evidence is required, and the deceased animals must be returned if requested. Either a replacement will be sent out if possible, or a refund of the purchase price will be issued, shipping fees are nonrefundable. I do not offer a "No LAG" option, if I cannot guarantee the safety of my animals during transit I will delay shipment until I can guarantee safe transit. If you are looking to save a buck by using Priority or Express, please look somewhere else; clearly you are not the kind of person I want caring for my tarantulas. (Express is not overnight shipping).

I Guarantee that animals are properly sexed: Animals sold as "sexed" are guaranteed to be as advertised. If you have reason to believe the animals were sexed incorrectly you must notify me within 2 days (48 hrs) from date of delivery. After 48 hours I will assume you are pleased with your purchase and all animals were sexed appropriately when applicable.

I take great pride in the care of my tarantulas. Any tarantula that I feel is not healthy and strong will not be put on my list. I guarantee that tarantulas leave me in good health, and that they will arrive to you in good health. If for any reason you suspect the spider is not doing well, it must be reported to me within 48 hours of arrival.

Trades: Trade offers are welcome. I will not ship first when approached with a trade offer. If the package shipped to me contains misidentified animals, incorrectly sexed animals, or animals of a much different size than agreed upon, one of the two following actions will take place: (1) Your package will be returned to you at your expense, or (2) the trade will be renegotiated, and adjusted to account for the misidentified or incorrectly sexed or measured animals.

Shipping: Overnight or 2Day are the two available options, depending on temperatures. Rates are based on the destination zip code. Overnight runs approximately $70, and 2Day runs approximately $35. I do not charge for packing materials.