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Is my P. Irminia actually not? I'm so confused.


New Member
So this girl is my first and only psalmopeus. I got her at an expo labeled P. Irminia, and it was a small hobby vendor with only the P.irminia slings for sale, and 15 to 20 larger juvies and subadults at the table. Her color just hasn't been as black as I'd expected, but I figured she was still young and it would get darker as she matures. Now someone on another site says she is 100% P. Cambridgei and the vial had a switched label. She is almost two years old, around 4" DLS, confirmed female. Any help would be appreciated with ID. Her legs are dark, carapace greenish, abdomen is orange/black to cream depending on her stage in the molt cycle. I'd like help from someone more experienced with these species. I'm pretty sure they are correct that she is not right for P. Irminia. Is she a P. Cambridgei? I figured she would have more green on her legs and be lighter, but I've been told they can be dark? She just looks wrong for both to me, but maybe its because I've been trying to see P. Irminia this whole time. Thanks so much.