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I love birdeaters.


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Hi, so I started relapsing into tarantulas a little more than a year ago after taking a 10+ year break after I unexpectedly lost my first collection. Since then I had relocated to a new place where there won't ever be anyone spraying bug spray outside my windows but I still spent several years mourning the loss of my spiders, especially my GBB.

I first started getting into T's when my daughter wanted one and they started getting slings in at my local reptile shop where I used to get my feeders. I got into snakes when I had a fish tank that I couldn't get to hold water.

Since getting back into the hobby I was very pleasantly surprised to see that the selection and availability has greatly increased. When I decided to relapse I went to a local reptile expo on the hunt for a GBB. Found one and came home with, N. chromatus, T. rasti, P. irminia, G. pulchripes, H. pulchripes , P. sazimai, A. seemani and an OBT. Now I'm up to 80ish. Mostly Phormictopus, Xenesthis and Pamphobeteous. Also have a little M. balfouri communal and other NW terrestrials & pet holes. There are some OW arboreals that I am interested in but I really love my bird eaters.

As far as my location I live in Arizona, north of A. chalcodes territory, between 15-20 miles east of the Colorado river. In all the years I have been here I had never accidentally uncovered any tarantulas in my yard until this last year. I've seen the males on their annual lady hunt and enjoyed watching them walk around. Now back to the accidentally uncovering tarantulas part, so I'm not into wanting to go out and collect wild specimens but when it is all cold out and I'm moving stuff around my yard and decide to move the dogs kiddie pool, less than 15ft from my front door, and find a juvenile Aphonopelma under it that is missing 2 front legs on the right side and also the right pedipalp while I had some empty enclosures already made up and ready for rehousing some other spiders into..... It's eating prekilled crickets and roaches. How long should I leave it in quarantine until I put it on a shelf with my other spiders? Right now it is in a different room entirely and it is the last one I take care of when I feed and water.


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Welcome to the forums, a cool place to hang out and exchange information.

I can’t answer your question, but I am sure there are some who can.


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