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How to heat my terrarium?


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Hi folks,
Now that the colder weather has arrived I am struggling to get the temperature of my Mexican Red Knees environment up to a decent level.
I have a heat mat attached to the back of the tank and have attached heat reflective material to the sides, rear and top.
I know that people say that if you are comfortable then the t will be, but they come from a warm environment where they are used to a higher temp.
The average in my tarantulas environment is around 18-20 right now
My friend used to have a Mexican Red Knee and he kept it at 28 degrees and above and it thrived.
I've had mine for maybe 7-8 month. She has molted twice and appears healthy, but with the cooler temperatures in her terrarium she seems a little lethargic and is not interested in food either.
On the plus side since she molted she has obviously got quite big now, so that is a bonus.
She is kept in a polycabonate terrarium 20x10x10 inches and there is plenty of substrate in there and I always make sure there is enough water.
Should I insulate the tank more or increase the heating by another external source?

Thanks for any advice



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18-20 is good enough for wintertime, allthough 18 is a bit on the low side.
They will be slower and eat less but they will thrive again in the summer.

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