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Avic Metallica not webbing


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Hey friends, I’m a first time tarantula owner and my Avic Metallica has hardly webbed his enclosure if at all. I’ve had him since mid January so I’d imagine he’s used to his home by now but recently he’s just been really inactive. Any reason why he isn’t webbing or not leaving the same spot for days? I apologize if these are dumb questions.


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Rebecca, our MF M6, didn't start webbing until recently, around the same time she stopped feeding. I expect a molt any time now.
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Hey Rebecca,

I am also relatively new to the hobby so take my comment with a grain of salt, there are a lot more experienced individuals on here that might be more help. But with my Avic Metallica I had the same issue, and found out it was due to a lack of good ventilation. I had what appears to be the same enclosure as you or at least one very similar, where there is the screen top but nothing venting the sides. So I first attempted to drill holes in the glass sides using a diamond tip bit..... And I shattered the tank... So I don't recommend you doing that but when I bought a new tank with the additional vent holes on the sides my Avic Metallica started webbing like crazy. Again I am newer to the hobby so this might have just been a coincidence with the timing of the molt, but I haven't had him stop webbing yet so I think it helped.

Hopefully someone more experienced will chime in and either verify or discredit this for you.