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A. Avicularia on Ground


New Member
Massachusetts, USA
Hello all,

I'm hopefully overly concerned over nothing but my A. Avic has spend the last 2 days just chilling on the substrate instead of up to where she usually likes to vibe. She comes down a lot to grab dirt but rarely spends this much time on the ground.

Usually when she's close to the ground, she's hungry. I assumed she was in premolt because she has definitely been slowly sliding down the glass for a while, but she's still been eating. At first I thought she was just killing and tossing the bodies aside, but it just looks like she doesn't like eating wings anymore.

She's not sluggish at all, she still sniped a red runner and a lobster roach yesterday. She also took food again today and one-shot-killed as usual. But she hasn't gone back up. She doesn't have any shiny bald spots and I honestly don't think she looks fat enough to be molting? I know arboreals can be skinnier so I'm really not sure.

Is she dehydrated? I have a large water dish on the ground and she isn't curled up at all.