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  1. Zorocrates unicolor mature female

    Zorocrates unicolor mature female

    A beautiful dark zoropsid (false wolf spider) with a rather large range, from arizona to central america. found in broadleaf forests.
  2. Titiotus gertschi adult female

    Titiotus gertschi adult female

    got the light angle juuuuuust right
  3. Titiotus gertschi freshly molted

    Titiotus gertschi freshly molted

    iridescence is really starting to show, now
  4. titiotus gertschi imm.

    titiotus gertschi imm.

    approx. 3cm in legspan, now. the blue iridescence on the femurs is becoming alot more apparent, now.
  5. Titiotus gertschi

    Titiotus gertschi

    Mature female- formerly in tengellidae, which is now a synonym of zoropsidae, the false-wolf-spiders. Titiotus is often mistaken for recluse spiders, but are harmless. Often clad in an attractive iridescence, their femurs have a cool blue sheen.