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  1. P


    Large Sale/Trade List Tarantulas [$45] Neoholothele incei (Trinidad Olive) 2.5”-3” FEMALE [$8] Tliltocatl albopilosus “Nicaraguan” (Curly Hair) 1”-1.5” 6 AVAILABLE Scorpions [$10] Paravaejovis confusus (Yellow Ground) [$4] Paravaejovis spinigerus (Stripe Tailed) 2i 20+ AVAILABLE [$10]...
  2. Mastigoproctus tohono

    Mastigoproctus tohono

    these guys are so cute lol
  3. M giganteus

    M giganteus

  4. Hubbardia pentapeltis

    Hubbardia pentapeltis

    Schizomida are the closest living relatives to true vinegaroons and also spray acetic acid in self-defense.
  5. Jacqueline King

    Temperature Regulation for Various Inverts

    Hey all, summer is ending and I haven't had to put much thought into heating my enclosures, as room temp has been just fine for my avic. metallica, millipedes, vinegaroon, and madagascar hissing roaches. Colder weather is right around the corner and I am anticipating that my home will be a lot...
  6. Jacqueline King

    Vinegaroon - to heat or not to heat

    Hey everybody, I've recently acquired a giant vinegaroon and as I'm head over heels for her, I want to ensure the highest quality of care for my new friend. I've received conflicting information about the enclosure temperature I should be aiming to maintain. Some sources say to keep it heated to...
  7. U

    Do vinegaroons lay unfertilized egg sacs?

    I've had my vinegaroon for eleven months. For the past few months she has been very fat. I was afraid I was overfeeding her so I cut her back to one cricket every 10-14 days. That didn't seem like very much but in another thread I was advised that in the wild they eat once every 2-3 weeks and I...