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victory jumper

  1. Phidippus nikites 'neon orange'

    Phidippus nikites 'neon orange'

    This male had escaped and was found outside with a wound on his head- i think he tried to court an audax or johnsoni and got nipped on the head. She's absolutely bursting with eggs!
  2. Phidippus nikites 'Headlights'

    Phidippus nikites 'Headlights'

    I will probably hold onto this female, get a brood from her with a yellow male, and backcross the better looking offspring. If i can intensify the black on the abdomen and head it'll really make those spots stand out more.
  3. P. Nikites 'yellow orange'

    P. Nikites 'yellow orange'

    A nice bright female
  4. P nikites 'high orange' AF

    P nikites 'high orange' AF

    This form seems to be the rarest. Whilst they all can commonly be orange like this as slings, adults retaining this pattern are much less common
  5. P nikites 'grey legs'

    P nikites 'grey legs'

    One of my favorite morphs.
  6. Phidippus nikites

    Phidippus nikites

    penultimate male