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  1. Arlo

    Are springtails a good idea?

    Hey there! I'm thinking of adding springtails to my T. Albo enclosure. I've found there are two types available at a nearby store: folsomia candida and sinella cursviseta. I cannot find any information about them online. Do you know which one (if any) would be best? Will they bother my tarantula...
  2. sinella binoculata

    sinella binoculata

    my colony is now enormous and i can sell and harvest them with impunity!
  3. sinella binoculata

    sinella binoculata

    native to the coastal southwest, has a prominent 'mane' for collecting fungal spores. found mostly around rotting wood.
  4. henri_the_spider

    WORMS in Springtail Culture

    Hello fellas, I have two springtail cultures, which i use for humid terrariums. I have them for almost two years now and after a while these little white worms occurred in both of the containers! They are both from one initial Springtail container so are these parasites? And is it possible that...
  5. Keymond69

    Springtails ?

    I have a collection of 14 taranchulas all different sorts, I have ordered some spring tails from the spidershop. 1. Can I use the in any enclosure. 2. Can I use them with slings. 3.what’s the best way to keep them alive in a enclosure. 4.what’s the best set up to breed them. 5.what do they eat.
  6. Puffy

    Little white bugs??

    Hi, Noobie here . I've got a Mexican red leg. Today I have noticed some tiny white bugs in the substrate. Can anyone please help me to identify.. I'm hoping they are springtails after my research I've done so far.. Many thanks