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  1. J

    Male vs female?

    so i read on another form that their male T is trying to get out so i have a Psalmopoeus cabridge that is dying to get out,,, i cant get a good picture because if the enclosure is not glass just plastic does that mean it a Male???
  2. J

    What sex is my C. cyanopubescens

    Hi, my C. cyanopubescens just molted for the first time in my captivity. The diagonal leg span is 3,0 cm and i would like to know if it is possible to tell what sex it is at this stage? i took these pictures under my VERY cheap mikroscope (reason why the pictures might not be too good, but...
  3. KateSpoods

    C. Darlingi

    C. Darlingi around 5-6cm DLS, left barely anything from it's molt unfortunately but wondering if there's anything that can be seen as I was able to catch a great close up. Thank you :)
  4. M

    Help. Female or male?

    I am not sure...
  5. RoxanneHawke

    What sex is my curly hair tarantula sling

    I got this sling today, I’m new to the hobby and would love to find out whether this little beauty is a male or female. I feel rude saying ‘it’ all the time and would love to give it an appropriate name. Thanks in advance