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  1. Schizomida nymphs

    Schizomida nymphs

    my hubbardia pentapeltis nymphs are going to disperse soon. unlike vinegaroons, these do not give their young prolonged maternal care.
  2. hubbardia pentapeltis eggs

    hubbardia pentapeltis eggs

    like vinegaroons, many schizomida carry the eggs until hatching, upon hatching the young ride on the mother's back until dispersal. unlike vinegaroons, however, they do not give extended parental care and the young are abandoned once the mother gets hungry and leaves the brood chamber.
  3. hubbardia pentapeltis

    hubbardia pentapeltis

    male and female
  4. MBullock

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  5. Hubbardia pentapeltis

    Hubbardia pentapeltis

    Schizomida are the closest living relatives to true vinegaroons and also spray acetic acid in self-defense.