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  1. Pogona minor

    Pogona minor

    Tito getting acclimated. I put him in a 40 gallon breeder tank.
  2. Pogona minor

    Pogona minor

    This is my new friend, say what up to Tito. He is currently 6 months old.
  3. P. cambridgei

    P. cambridgei

    This rehouse went quite smooth. This be "Intenso".
  4. P. cambridgei

    P. cambridgei

    Rehouse photo opportunity This be "Vendetta" My 1 of 2 P. cams.
  5. L. parahybana

    L. parahybana

    Fresh Molt 12/3/19. My little baby is growing up so fast!
  6. P. cambridgei

    P. cambridgei

    Fresh molt 11/20/2019. If I were a P. cam, I'd want to show off more...
  7. P. cambridgei

    P. cambridgei

    Out and about, rare photo opportunity...
  8. T. verdezi

    T. verdezi

  9. N. coloratovillosus

    N. coloratovillosus

    Long road trip, time to pulverize this cricket...
  10. N. coloratovillosus

    N. coloratovillosus

    Getting acclimated
  11. A. moderatum

    A. moderatum

    Had to check on my baby she has been in her hide for nearly 2 months. Typical thing with her, almost ready to molt...
  12. Hapalopus sp columbia large

    Hapalopus sp columbia large

    Takedown time...