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  1. P murinus sac maturing quickly

    P murinus sac maturing quickly

    In less than 2 months these guys are molting into slings already
  2. Pterinochilus murinus sac & slings

    Pterinochilus murinus sac & slings

    Pulled exactly 30 days after mom made it, and she was not happy.
  3. Aphonopelma chalcodes i1

    Aphonopelma chalcodes i1

    Dang. That's even more than I thought. just the slings outside alone count over 100. i think that was like 500 eggs lol. it's so crammed full, no space at all. time to inject 500 more slings into the hobby! XD
  4. OBT sac

    OBT sac

    Thing 4, our largest P murinus, dropped a sac last night. The 36 day countdown begins!
  5. 20200821_215922.jpg


    Psalmopeus irminia Sac # 2 A few good babies in here. Not as good as sac #1 but thankful there are some! :)