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rainbow grasshopper

  1. Rainbow hopper nymph

    Rainbow hopper nymph

    Gonna molt soon
  2. Rainbow nymph

    Rainbow nymph

    One of 28 babies
  3. Rainbow hopper hatchlings

    Rainbow hopper hatchlings

    Success! I had given up on them
  4. Rainbow grasshopper nymph

    Rainbow grasshopper nymph

    The colors on these things amaze me.
  5. MBullock

    Dactlyotum bicolor chowing down (short video)

    i detest youtube turning all my short videos into this ugly format. Anyway:
  6. Dactylotum bicolor variegatum

    Dactylotum bicolor variegatum

    Western rainbow grasshopper A stunning lubber-like species of Melanoplidae